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Video is on mentoring and coaching by Jack Cranfield    


Agape Counselling and Coaching Service is obliged to abide to the Data protection of 1994 for the safe keeping sensitive records of our clients. We abide by the Data Protection as service providers and storer of sensitive data. This includes any handwritten notes taken for our work, online transcripts such as e-mails and private messenger chat transcripts. If at any time you feel you are not sure on how your records are kept, feel free to ask any questions about them.

However, the only time we will divulge your personal details, is when you are a threat to a society such a practicing terrorist activities, threatening to harm or abuse another person, yourself or a child. In that instance, we will let you know that, we will notify the police or social services. In  some cases, we may need to notify your doctor if we believe you are causing harm to yourself. We will get permission from you to notify your doctor or our supervisors.


Agape Counselling will not entertain acceptable behaviour such as abusive or obscene callers, emails including those of discriminatory nature, harassment, intimidation and persistent harassment. The company will not be liable for any failure in communications due to failure due an electrical power cut or faulty technology.

We will endeavour to reply to e-mails within 3-7 working days of receipt. If  we have not replied to your e-mails within that period your money will be refunded  because we care and value our customers.

Information on the website is subject to change anytime and we will not take any responsibility for any changes made. 

Terms and Conditions

Agape Counselling is a UK based company and abides to the rules and regulations of the land. This means the service delivered on this site is not intended to be used outside the UK, ESPECIALLY  North America, and the USA . By using our services, you are agreeing that you do not reside in any of these States. Any advice given is absolutely at your own risk.




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