Bullying must stop
  • 1.Bullying must stop.Fullstop!
  • 2.Do you feel pressured by peers?
  • 3.Is gossiping driving you through the bend?
two to tangle
  • 1.It takes two to tangle
  • 2.Three is a triangle
  • 3.Where do you fit in?
Problem Solved
  • 1.You are not alone, we are all different
  • 2.A problem solved is a problem halved
  • 3.Share it!
Love yourself
  • 1. Love yourself, get focused and inspired!
  • 2. Are you depressed or tramatised?
  • 3. Afraid, sad and lonely?


  "Welcome to the Oasis of Calm"


Agape /{Ah.GAH.pay}; derives from a Greek word meaning 'Unconditional Love’.

Agape Counselling Services is run by a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals passionate in what they do. We offer services to meet the various needs of our Clientele ranging from Counselling, Coaching and Training through various modes such as Face to Face, Online , Email or by Telephone. By offering these services we hope to make it possible for our clients to access them despite geographical or disability constraints.

Agape counselling services also provides a Coaching Service on a one- to- one basis or groups of 12 either face- to- face or by phone, online /e-mail for people who aspire to be what they want in life and meet their goals in life.

Agony Aunt Services, the oldest and traditional way of getting things off the chest, are also available. Unlike the usual free agony aunt advice you get from newspapers, magazines or some internet sites, the difference and awesome bit about this service is that whilst we charge for the service, you will also be getting professional and sound advice.

We also offer Continuous Professional Development Courses and Seminars to individuals or organisations.
We operate from a secure environment and comfortable premises in Preston town centre in Lancashire, often described by our clients as an ‘Oasis of Calm.’ As the name suggest we treat all our clients with Respect, Love and Care.


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